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Go workout!

It was all of this ☔️ and none of this ☀️ this morning but I have dancing all this weekend so how could I not be happy right? 👯❤️ decided to treat my positive spirit to a positive breakfast (ie. the best breakfast potentially ever!) CARROT CAKE BAKED QUINOA PORRIDGE (@organicburst maca and @almondbreezeaus baked inside the ooey gooey date-y carrot cake goodness 💕) topped with baked banana and fresh banana, strawberries, almonds, @blend_co and @mayversfood peanut butter 🙌 so heart warming and nourishing to fuel my moves (hehe) feeling really fulfilled auger today, I love dancing so much and i am not afraid to admit it 💙 big day tomorrow and a competition tomorrow night so I best be resting now, so big love and hugs to all but it’s 💤 time ✌️